Our Plans and Pricing

We have determined several typical tiers to help customers select what makes sense for them currently. Increasing to higher tiers over time is possible.
Due to the time we dedicate and volume of interest, we are not offering online payments directly.
Please reach out and we can determine the earliest time we can start on your project
Presently taking orders for January 2020 website launches


First step in your new business. Your digital presence


Set Up Cost

1 - 8 Pages

1 - 4 Unique page layouts

Minimum Term 24 Months


Offer alot of fresh new content daily / weekly


Set Up Cost

1 - 100 Pages

1 - 12 Unique page layouts

Can include ecommerce aspects

Minimum Term 36 Months


Not your first website, you know you need power


Set Up Cost

1 - 100 Pages

1 - 20 Unique page layouts

Can include ecommerce aspects

Hosted on a higher availability network

Minimum Term 36 Months

All Pricing Excludes VAT

Do You Have Any Custom Requirements?

Need a website for just 1 page? Need to serve 50,000 visitors daily? Let us know and we will tailor a solution for you based on our platform

Included In Every Plan


We have a team of designers and developers who want to bring your concept to life in as fast as possible while not losing sight of a quality end result


Your website is hosted on a cloud network. Backups are frequent and stored off network.


You will have access to a Content Management System to control your content, add new pages / articles as desired

Mobile Responsive

Now a common expectation of any website, but its also built from the ground up for mobile performance

Image CDN

Any images uploaded from the CMS are stored on a Content Delivery Network to increase their performance and sped to access

Plan Your Content

Schedule when your content will be launched at certain dates in the future. Enjoy your weekend while artcles appear for your visitors

Launch in 10 days?

As part of our platform confidence, we are targetting a 10 day period from agreement + payment + start date agreement + initial content, to the launch of your website

What Our Customers Are Saying

Please contact us if you would like to provide your feedback, we are always grateful to learn of your experience and improve anything suggested.


A few things we have been asked over time. We are always available for any new question though or to discuss your site and needs.

Can it really be 10 days?

Yes, and it frequently has been. The importance is to have a plan, and have the data available for what is needed. Images, content, structure. Do you need a blog? Have already got items for the blog? Do you need a contact form? What other forms do you need? What differences does your site need to cater for that should be discussed early.

What are the billing cycles?

We offer tw types of billing cycles presently. Monthly and annual. Both are pre billed time periods

Is there a minimum term contract?

Depending on the package taken, there is a minimum of 24 or 36 months.

What happens at the end of the contract?

When a contract ends, it can be renewed or will continue rolling per month at the current package price, until cancelled. Failing to pay a due bill within 45 days will render the website disabled. Subsequent actions are taken should a bill remain unpaid.

Do I have access to my data?

There is an option within your provided CMS, so you can download all data at any time. This reflects all at uploaded for your website. Upon cancellation of contract, this data is also provided to the dedicated email signed up with, and then purged from our platform

Where is the website hosted?

The servers are located within Europe and the setup is across a cluster of servers, as a cloud network. We can discuss hosting in other locations if this is more desired.

Claim Your Slice Of The Internet

Request a callback and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Due to demand, we will be staggering meetings and sign ups; we thank you for your patience and look forward to working with you.